• Human Resouces
  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Consulting

Marketing Department & Consulting

We do marketing on behalf of others through telemarketing, enabling businesses with clients and customers. The types of marketing we are involved in include digital campaigns, customer relationships, KPI indicates for each delegate, sales management, quotation preparation, order and contract management, electronic signature along with the preparation of vouchers.


Remote Management and consulting department of Financial Services

At our firm, we expertise in remote management of business services that include managing financial criteria such as point of sale, creating income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and payment order. Our specialties in this field include managing business expenses, warehouses, receipt bonds, daily entries, bookkeeping, and smart adjustments. We also supervise asset management along with interactive reports & electronic numbering.

Ecommerce Services

As a complete e-commerce service provider, we deal with efficient e-commerce solutions for customers. Our expert team assures reliable development, management, and maintenance of e-commerce stores cost-effectively. We deal with everything from e-commerce data entry, back office support, inventory management to custom e-commerce solutions.


Management & Consulting department of HR (Human Resources) Management

We are adept in employment procedures management which includes the following
Employee Relations & Benefits
E-Services administration
Job evaluation
Training and development

IT Services

We provide IT services for the smooth running of a business enterprise. We rely on various operating systems that provide a user-friendly and graphical interface. With efficient data management through the cloud, IT services are essential to run a business firm with all its effectiveness.